help canada
see the logic.

It’s time the Canadian government sees the logic. We need your help. Send a letter to your MP today telling them to see the logic and let vapes do what they are meant to do: give adult smokers choices.

take action and email your mp now!

Take action now

Send a letter to your MP today telling them to see the logic and let vapes do what they are meant to do: give adult smokers choices.

Just add your postal code to the form below and a letter will be automatically generated to your local Member of Parliament.

See the Logic

More and more adult smokers are seeing the logic of vaping. That’s because all available science points to real potential for vaping to reduce health risks when smokers switch to vaping. Minors should never vape, period. And if you’re not a smoker, you shouldn’t vape. But for adult smokers, vaping can be a logical alternative to cigarettes.

Help canada see the logic

See the Facts

In places like the United Kingdom, public health bodies are embracing vaping for adult smokers. After reviewing all available science, Public Health England has concluded that vaping is likely to reduce the harmful chemicals that smokers inhale by at least 95%. Acting on this compelling evidence, the British government is allowing vape companies to get the word out to adult smokers that there are choices available with the potential to reduce their risk of smoking-related diseases. Making the science available, educating the public and making sure people are aware of their choices is the logical thing to do - you can learn more here.


But in Canada, this science is hard to find.


Health Canada’s website says that “completely replacing cigarette smoking with vaping will reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals” and “vaping is less harmful than smoking.” But still, the Canadian government won’t allow vape companies to give smokers these exact same facts. We aren’t allowed to talk openly about products that could reduce risks for smokers. But the fact is that vaping is a potential game-changer and we should be allowed to talk about it.  People deserve to know that they have choices.

take action and email your mp now!

See the hypocrisy

The government is busy normalizing cannabis use while they are making it difficult to find out about the harm reduction potential of vaping. It’s beyond hypocritical. Health Canada does acknowledge that cannabis can cause long-term health problems including lung diseases and mental health issues, but that hasn’t stopped the government’s cheerleading of the cannabis industry.

Why are we being so suspicious of vaping - a technology with real potential to reduce risk -but throwing the full support of government behind cannabis?

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